Low-E Glass

Low-E Glass

Product Description

1. Having good spectral selectivity, enables the absorbability of a great deal of near infrared rays and visible light, prevents some infrared rays from entering the room, so as to keep the room bright and reduce the heat load inside the room.
2. It also reduces the transmission of ultraviolet efficiently as to prevent color fading on clothes and furniture.
3. It can be made into combined products and have a good performance of soundproof, like low-E coated insulated glass and low-E coated laminated glass.
4. It can be used in any climate for it has the functions of solar control, energy conservation and heat control.

Thickness: 3-19mm
Maximum size: 2440x3660mm

1. Large sized curtain wall and decorations.
2. Used for combined products, like insulated glass and laminated glass.

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